Dori Appel Playwright and Poet 


Plays by Format

Full Length Plays Freud's Girls
Fun House Mirror
Girl Talk*
Hat Tricks*
Hot Flashes*
I'd Know You Anywhere
Kingdom of Crump
Lost and Found
The Lunatic Within
Mother, Tree, Cat
The Heart of the Matter
When God Came to Babylon

Collections of Thematically-Related Shorts Girl Talk*
Hat Tricks*
Hot Flashes*
Lost and Found
The Heart of the Matter
The Lunatic Within

These thematically related collections offer a number of features which have made them very popular. Casting is extremely flexible, often allowing for performance by from one to more than a dozen actors. Set requirements are also very flexible, ranging from a single unit set modified to accommodate all pieces to more elaborate design options. Perhaps most important, the pieces which comprise each full-length play stand alone as shorts and monologues, allowing tailoring to suit in relation to length of performance and particular interests. Many have been used individually in short plays festivals, evenings of monologues, and forensic competitions throughout the United States and internationally.

One Acts and Shorts

Bending The Rules
Bon Voyage*
The Chocolate Solution
Coffee Date
Coffee Klatsch
Continuing Education
Dream On*
Dress For Success
Finders Keepers
Fountain Of Youth*
Ghost Story
Gift Exchange*
Hansel And Gretel On Level 5
The Last Dodo Bird and the Last 
       Wooly Mammoth

Memory Lane*
Pam and Ellie, Late and Later
Party Animals
Playing Favorites
The Playwright's Nightmare
The Real Story
Separate Tables
The Wolf Of Gubbio
Think Mink
Tick Tock*
Treasure Hunt*
The Witching Hour
Wrong Planet


Ashes To Ashes
Computer Dreams
The Elephant Cure
The Future
Feathered Friends
Hearts in Flux
Junk Yard Dog*
Little Boxes
Mother Of The Year
The Pause*
Spitting Image
Tea Time
True Stories*
Unsolved Crimes
Vocabulary Lesson*
What’s in a Name?

*Girl Talk, Hat Tricks, Hot Flashes as well as indicated one acts, shorts and monologues are available from Samuel French, Inc and can be reached at 45 West 25th Street, New York, N.Y. 10010. 212-206-8990 fax: 212-206-1429 or

All other plays are available from Dori Appel; use the Contact form to request permission to produce or otherwise perform the play you are interested in.