Dori Appel Playwright and Poet 


The Last Dodo Bird and the Last Wooly Mammoth

This Scarlett O-Hara-type Dodo Bird and Kid from Brooklyn-type Wooly Mammoth are exotic, lovable, and devoted, but prove to be too much of an odd couple for Noah. This very short play tells the tale of how they are barred from the ark and abandoned on the shore while the animals who more easily fit the definition of 'two by two", are are carried away to safety.

Cast: Usually 2 F, though could be 1 F, 1 M.

Running time: approximately 8 minutes

Performed as part of "Creatures Great and Small", benefit for the Southern Oregon Humane Society,Medford, Oregon, 2001, and benefit for Ruch Public Library, Ruch, Oregon, 2008.