Dori Appel Playwright and Poet 



Monologue. A bi-polar artist, resigned to regulation by Lithium, recalls her last manic episode, a weekend extravaganza with a disastrous finale.
1 F, twenties or early thirties Running time: approximately 12 minutes.

Awards & Production History:
Produced by Lord Leebrick Theatre, Eugene, Oregon, 2001; SNAP!fest, 2000, Omaha, NE; The Women in Theatre Festival, Eugene, OR, 2000. As part of "The Lunatic Within", produced by Mixed Company Productions, Ashland, Oregon, 2000; London, Ontario Fringe Festival, 2000; Footsteps Theatre Company, Chicago, Illinois, 1998; As part of "Crazy Ladies", produced by Red Hen Productions, Cleveland, Ohio, 2003.