Dori Appel Playwright and Poet 



Aren't all of us occasionally "tilted" by misperceptions or mis-communication? Haven't we all experienced that dizzying sensation of things suddenly not making sense? These six adventures in pretzyl-bent reality are imaginary, but the inspiration for them comes straight from everyday events: meeting prospective in-laws, getting conned by the amazing details of a convincing story, enduring a disastrous blind date, being bizarrely mis-quoted, covering up failure with fantasy, doing the grunt work while someone else gets the glory. Truth turned on its ear is the name of the game in this revue-style comedy consisting of six scenes about relationships between men and women- and particularly about the unexpected.

Available in its entirety or as separate short plays. Includes six scenes that may be performed as one-acts: Monkeyshines, Redemption, Freaks, The Playwright's Nightmare, Coffee Date, and Dress for Success.

2 Act Comedy
2M, 2F (larger cast if desired)
single flexible set. runs about 2 hours

Awards and History.

Produced by Actors' Theatre, Talent, Oregon, 2001.
Monkeyshines, Coffee Date and The Playwright's Nightmare produced by ArtsWest, Seattle, Washington for its Wonder Women of the Northwest Festival, 2001.
Monkeyshines, winner of the 1999 George R. Kernodle New Plays Competition, selected for Pentacle Playwrights, Workshop with staged readings at Pentacle Theatre, Salem, OR, 1999; produced by Doppelgang Productions, NYC, 2002.
Redemption, produced by Love Creek Productions, New York, NY, 1995.
Freaks, honorable mention, Kernodle New Plays Competition, 2000.


From the Ashland, Oregon Daily Tidings:
"…brilliantly funny and acutely observed, with shrewd characterizations that are brought to laughable life by the actors. It is comedy at full tilt."