Dori Appel Playwright and Poet 


Lost and Found

Two-Act Comedy
4 F, 1M (up to 9 F, 3 M, if desired)
One flexible set/ about 110 minutes

Finders, keepers, losers weepers? Lost and Found is a play in which losses lead to surprising new discoveries. Winner of the prestigious Oregon Book Award in Drama, this highly imaginative comedy features a variety of characters and situations, with challenging roles for every member of the cast. Most of Lost and Found's five scenes have also been produced as individual shorts, including two winners of national competitions. While all involve something missing and something gained, the interrelated scenes range from the hilarious to the bittersweet: 

Think Mink:  A comedy about a mother and her teenage daughter who confront vast differences in values while dealing with the disappearance of a mink coat. 2 women, simple set, runnning time approximately 20 minutes.

Unsolved Crimes: A young man's  childhood prank snowballs into a full-scale family melodrama.

Hansel and Gretel on Level 5:  A young couple search for their lost rental car in a huge, multi-level parking garage.

Spitting Image:  The younger brother of twins reveals the secret that saved him from living in the shadow of his charismatic sibs.

Coffee Klatsch: A comedy/drama where a polite encounter between three middle-aged mothers and a young graduate student leads to peppery confrontations and unexpected revelations before culminating in a true agreement of hearts and minds. Cast: 4 F, one in her twenties, three in their forties. Set: simple interior set, running time: about 45 minutes.



The writing is sharp, poignant, and often very funny, featuring complex, three-dimensional characters. The structure of blending direct-address monologue with dialogue is elegant… The monologues take us deeper into the characters and situations… [and] lift the play into a higher theatrical stratosphere.
—Oregon Book Award judge, Doug Grissom, Associate Professor and Head of Playwriting at the University of Virginia

Awards and History.

Winner of the prestigious Oregon Book Award, Angus Bowmer Award in Drama, 2001. Readings at Actors' Theatre, Talent, Oregon, 2001. 
Think Mink, second place in the national Kernodle New Plays Competition,2001,selected for the Pentacle Playwrights Workshop, with staged reading at Pentacle Theatre, Salem, Oregon, 2001.
Coffee Klatch, one of three winners of the national Pleiades Theatre Stars of the Future competition, produced by Pleiades Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky, 2001, 
Unsolved Crimes, selected for the Pentacle Playwrights Workshop, with staged readings at Pentacle Theatre, 2000.

Produced by Theatre Quorum, Dallas Texas, Out of the Loop Festival, 2004. Winner of the Pleiades Theatre Company, Stars of the Future New Play competition, and produced at the Pleiades Theatre Festival, Louisville, Kentucky, 2001. Presented as part of readings of LOST AND FOUND at Profile Theatre Project, Portland, Oregon, 2002, Readings at Actors' Theatre, Talent, Oregon, 2001.