Dori Appel Playwright and Poet 


Fun House Mirror

Fun House Mirror is a comedy-drama about family rivalries involving a crisis in the lives of two sisters and their flamboyant gay Latino friend. All three have recently suffered losses which leave them "orphaned" in some essential way, and each is desperately seeking a sense of inclusion and security. In a brief excursion from their usual lives, they enter a hall of mirrors where they must confront their most difficult personal and family secrets. As they play and parry with a succession of disguises, they also discover the selves that have been denied.

Two women, one man. Simple set.

Awards and History.

Finalist in the New Hope Performing Arts Festival competition, 1995.
Winner in The San Francisco Playwrights Center DramaRama Festival, 1990.
Finalist in Charlotte Repertory Theatre's New American Plays contest, 1989.
Finalist in La Plume Des Femmes National Play Contest, 1988. 
Produced by Mixed Company and Studio X theaters, Ashland, Oregon, 1989. 
The Back Alley Theater, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1990.
the Santa Cruz County Actors' Theater, 1991. 
Staged reading, The San Francisco Playwrights Center, San Francisco, California, 1990.


"A cross between Lewis Carroll and Noel Coward . . .wickedly funny, brilliantly sensitive . . . rings throughout with authenticity"
-Register-Pajaronian, Watsonville, California