Dori Appel Playwright and Poet 


Kingdom of Crump
Book and lyrics by Dori Appel, music by Kent Harrison

A fantasy adventure adapted from the author's earlier children's book, Kingdom of Crump uses a light touch to tell the classic story of a journey from innocence to knowledge. When the unicorn Sebastian is banished from the Great Blue Forest, he finds himself in the strange and perplexing Kingdom Of Crump- a place very much like the lovely old streets of Boston's Beacon Hill. Helped by an eccentric elderly couple, a refugee elephant, and a runaway cockatoo, he unravels a mystery, battles a wizard, and discovers his own hidden powers. Though set in contemporary times, Kingdom of Crump derives its style and structure from favorites in children's literature. Its humorous approach to serious questions, witty dialogue, and fanciful music and lyrics are all designed to keep the adult companions of young playgoers also happily entertained.

Seven major roles, four male, three female - adults and children. Three essential minor roles, plus many others - number and ages flexible. Set requirements flexible, from single unit to multiple sets.

Selected for the Ashland New Plays Festival, Ashland, Oregon, where it was performed as a staged reading.