Dori Appel Playwright and Poet 


Playing Favorites

Bianca and Georgie were very close as children- but that was when Georgie was Bianca's adored little brother. Georgie has now returned to visit her family in the Midwest after three years in New York, where she has been undergoing a change from male to female. In this touching and humorous short play, the two take a roller-coaster ride through old memories and present fears as they struggle to reconnect under very different circumstances.

Cast: two F, one twenties, one thirties
Simple set
Running time: approx. 15 minutes

Productions and awards: reading at Pentacle Theatre, Salem, Oregon, produced as part of Estrofest Productions, Seen and Heard Festival, New York (finalist in the Estrogenius 2004 Festival),produced by Theatre OUTlanta, Atlanta, Georgia 2006, Ashland New Plays Festival Shorts, 2006, and Ashland Contemporary Theatre, Ashland, Oregon, 2010.